Competitive Coding At RMIT

 Sep 1, 2016   Post By: Jonathon Belotti

Today I met with Melbourne Uni’s competitive programming team leader to discuss collaboration.

Who wants to competitively program with us?

Melbourne Uni has a competitive programming club that, just last week, competed in one of Victoria’s yearly competitive programming competitions. RMIT does not, to my knowledge, have a competitive programming team but it is something that from the beginning I have wanted to make happen.

This club is still very young, and early signs are that a lot of the interest is coming from students looking to improve their programming but who are not ready for competition. This is all OK, but if RMIT had at least 1 competitive programming team* that would be great, and you only need 3 people.

If you yourself want to join with a few others to become this team, or know someone else appropiate, please contact the club! Here are a few key things that would make a good member, but you don’t neccessarily need to possess all of them.

  1. Previous experience at competitive programming competitions
  2. Confidence coding in C++ or Java (Python is a desirable high-level language by is sometimes too slow)
  3. Experience with Algorithmic problem solving
  4. A competitive drive

Hopefully soon RMIT’s competitive coding environment will kick up, because it is a great way to improve your coding and problem solving skills.

* We may already have one, but it’s just that communication channels at RMIT are so broken that no one ever hears about it.

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