Hoodic Workshop on 12th April 2018

 Apr 10, 2018   Post By: Patrick Mifsud

Exciting news! Stephen from Hoodic will be running our first free workshop ‘How to get work as a Software Developer/Technical Person’ of 2018 on Thursday 12th April at 1PM.

Location Details


Thursday 12th April @ 1PM


RMIT Activator ~ Building 98, Level 01 Room 01

About the Workshop

Hoodic is a company that specialises in helping students like us maximise our chances of finding and getting work. If you are first year just learning how to code or are about to graduate, this will be helpful and informative Workshop that will help you with getting your dream programming job!

The topics that will be coved in this workshop are:

  • Understand what you can do now to make your chances of getting a job easier.
  • Help you better understand what kind of job you might want.
  • Learn how to make use of the skills you have now to make your future job hunting more effective.

This is a free event, no registration required. All are welcome, so feel free to drop by for a great workshop.

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