Programming Competitions

 Feb 14, 2018   Post By: Patrick Mifsud

Programming Competitions are great way to improve ones programming skills while learning new ones in a fun, competitive and collaborative team environment.

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ThoughtWorks 'Game_Changers' Event [Ended]

 Jul 21, 2017   Post By: Patrick Mifsud

It’s the beginning of a new semester and we are proud to invite to come and join us for our first industry meet up at 7pm Thursday, 27th July with guest speakers Lily, Jasmine and Eugene, from ThoughtWorks!

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The New Website Design

 Jul 17, 2017   Post By: Patrick Mifsud

Welcome to new Programming Club Website 2.0.

The site uses Jekyll, a static site generator and uses GitHub Pages for hosting. The theme is based off a Jekyll theme called Swift, which has been modified to suit the needs for the site.

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Competitive Coding At RMIT

 Sep 1, 2016   Post By: Jonathon Belotti

Today I met with Melbourne Uni’s competitive programming team leader to discuss collaboration.

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First Post

 Aug 2, 2016   Post By: Jonathon Belotti

This is the first post on RMIT Programming Club’s new website. This blog feed will contain all event news, meeting minutes, and project updates for the club.

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